Members Information Booklet

This booklet is for all members, both established and new. As well as being on our website it forms part of our brochure of membership information for new members. It is updated annually.

Members Information Booklet 2018

The contacts below will be pleased to answer your queries about any aspects of Club Membership.


Club President: Rosemary Hay



Club Secretary:  Peter Williams     



Club Treasurer:  Paul Brading



Men's Captain: Chas Guest



Lady Captain:  Lynne King



Seniors' Captain: Howard Petersen



Club Competitions Secretary: Alan G Gove



Golf Operations' Manager: Ed Sandford

Tel:  01954 780098         Email:



Welcome to The Cambridgeshire Golf Club in 2018

I hope this booklet, alongside our club website will give you all the information you need about playing in our Club.  (

We are a relatively small club and play most of our club competitions in the morning at the weekend. However, the Ladies' Section also plays competitions on Wednesday mornings, the Seniors' Section on Tuesdays and Thursday mornings and once a month throughout the summer, the Men have a monthly medal on a Wednesday. Members may play at any other times of day for social golf etc, although some slots are reserved for Hotel guests until a few days beforehand.

During the summer months there are Men's, Ladies' and Seniors' matches against other clubs in the County both at home and away. The Ladies' Section organises the Club’s Mixed matches (again home and away). The Club also participates in County and National competitions.

All Sections have Away Days when they visit another course for a sociable day of golf.

If you don't have a handicap any of our members will be happy to go out with you to mark your card and help you achieve one.

Details of all forthcoming competitions and matches are on the Section notice boards and Club website and are updated regularly so please check these and sign up to play.

Wishing you a happy and successful golfing year.

Best wishes

Rosemary Hay

Club President



Structure of the Golf Club

Our Golf Club operates in partnership with The Hallmark Cambridge Hotel.

  • The Hotel, through the General Manager working with the Golf Operations Manager and the Head Green Keeper, has overall responsibility for the management and operation of the Golf Course, including all the financial aspects.

  • The Golf Club, comprises of 7 day and 5 day members and through the Club Members Management Committee (CMMC) organises and manages all events for Club Members.

  • To ensure the needs and requirements of all involved with the Club and course are met, there is close liaison and co-operation between the officers of CMMC and the Professional team.

  • The Golf Club has a Club Constitution which is endorsed by the Hotel Management. This can be viewed on our website and a paper copy is on display on the notice board in the main corridor.


  • The Club has a committee (CMMC) which generally meets monthly. Much of the day-to- day work of the Club is delegated to the Sections which have a Working Group each chaired by their Captains.These also usuallymeet monthly. The Club Committee(CMMC) details are on display on the notice board in the main corridor. Once signed, the Minutes of each meeting areput on the Club website and a paper copy displayed on the notice board at the bottom of the stairs to the Golf Bar.

  • The Competitions' and Handicap Secretaries from each of the three sections form a Competitions' Group which holds regular meetings to organise and manage competitions and handicaps.It reports to the Club committee via the Club Competitions' Secretary.

  • Annual Meetings

    There is a Club Annual General Meeting at the beginning of each year chaired by the Hotel. Each Section holds its own separate Presentation Evening, the Ladies' and Seniors' Sections combining  their Section Annual Meeting with these.

  • Members’ Tee Times

  • Our regular allocated competition tee times are on Saturday and Sunday mornings for the Men's Section, Saturday and Wednesday mornings for the Ladies' Section and Tuesday and Thursday mornings for the Seniors' Section. These are used for all competitions and some friendly games. Everyone can sign up for a tee time when there are friendly games. The Men and Ladies can do this on-line either at the Club or in the comfort of their own home but the Seniors sign up on their Club notice board.  For competitions you must have an 'active' CONGU competition handicap of 28 or less for the men and 36 or less for the ladies (unless you are using a singles competition for qualifying purposes)

  • Ladies also have Monday Club which is for 9 or 18 holes of social golf on Monday mornings.  2 or 3 tee times (around 9.30) are booked each Monday and members just arrive and play together. The times are on the Ladies' notice board and are updated regularly

  • Handicaps

  • New members without a CONGU competition handicap, whether coming from another club or not and wish to obtain one, must submit 3 supplementary or competition qualifying cards, signed by another club member with an official CONGU competition handicap, to the respective section Handicap Secretary for an official handicapNew members with an 'active' or 'inactive' CONGU competition handicap from a previous club must provide a handicap certificate from that club (signed by an authorised signatory) and if possible, a Central Database of Handicaps (CDH) number. If there is no such evidence available a new member will have to submit 3 cards as above but when issuing a handicap, full consideration will be given to previous handicaps held. (Contact the Section Handicap Secretary for full details and help – their details are on the website.

  • Juniors are allocated 'club' handicaps until they reach the required handicap standard and may play in special junior competitions. (Contact the Club Junior Organiser for more details.)

  • Fixture List

  • This is a calendar of all our activities throughout the year and is circulated at the beginning of January. It is also on the section notice boards and the Club website

  • Club Colours

  • When we play other clubs we usually wear our 'club colours'. For the Men and Ladies these comprise a white shirt, polo or roll neck, navy trousers or shorts and Club sleeved or sleeveless sweater/fleece. The Seniors' wear blue shirts, navy trousers or shorts and navy sleeved or sleeveless sweater. All are available from the Golf Shop.

  • Rules of Golf

  • The Rules of Golf books are available free from the Golf Shop and fit easily into golf bags! You may also like to go to the R&A’s website where there is more information and Rules Quizzes.  Our Club Local Rules are on the back of the scorecards and together with the Club Competition Rules, on display on section notice boards and Club website.


  • The dates of our competitions are in the Fixture List, and individual competition details are on the competition sign-up sheet on the section notice boards and Club website.Signing up for competitions is via the PSI computer system in the corridor or the section notice board. (Contact the Club Competitions' Secretary for help with this or any individual competition.)

  • All competitions are open to every member with a handicap but to win a Club trophy you must have an 'active' CONGU competition handicap.

  • Medals and Qualifying Competitions

  • The Men's and Ladies' Sections play England Golf Medal Competitions and the Seniors' Section play Stablefords between April and October which are all qualifying competitions for handicap purposes. There are other competitions on the Club Fixture List which are designated as "qualifiers". There is a letter "Q" in red by side of the competition.

  • All members with an ‘active’ CONGU competition handicap, are automatically entered for some club trophies which are awarded to players with the best scores out of selected events throughout the year and there is no entry fee.

  • On-going and Knock-out Competitions.

  • There are a variety of singles and pairs competitions run throughout the year. Most are for Men, Ladies and Seniors only but there is a Winter Knock-out which is mixed

  • Competition Entry Fees

  • Entry fees, where required, are displayed when booking into a competition. The Men's and Seniors' Sections have the opportunity to pay by account but the Ladies' Section pays cash before each event.

  • Competition Score Cards

  • Following a competition, players enter their scores into the Computer Player Entry Terminal which is wall mounted in the main corridor by the door to the Club office. To avoid disqualification it is essential that score cards are fully completed with all player details and signed by both player and marker.


  • Friendlies

  • Friendly matches are played on a home and/or away basis annually with local clubs. EVERYONE with a handicap is encouraged to sign up and will be selected to play during the season. The respective Section organises these and details are on the Section notice boards and Club website.

  • Cambridge Area Golf Union (CAGU), Cambs and Hunts County Matches/CompetitionsMatches/competitions are played on a home/away basis each year with local clubs. Some are singles and some pairs.  EVERYONE with a handicap is encouraged to sign up but there could be handicap restrictions for some. The respective Section organises these and details are on the Section notice boards or Club website.

  • Ladies' Section County Blue Book

  • This is a small pale blue book that has details and entry forms for all County activities.  They are open to all club members providing even more opportunities to play at other clubs and enter County competitions. The 'Blue Books' are available in the Ladies' Locker Room from January/February each year.

  • County Cards

  • These are free of charge for the men but there is a small fee for the ladies.  This gives members the opportunity to visit other clubs and play the course at a reduced green fee. These are available from the Golf Shop when rejoining each year.


  • Mixed Competitions and Matches are organised by the Ladies' Section but are open to all members of the Club.  Details of all Mixed events are displayed on the Mixed Section of the Ladies' notice board and the website.  It is not necessary to have a regular playing partner, just sign up and someone else will join you.

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