Captains Report

I thought it was about the right time for me to produce a report.

I begin with a thank you and an apology.

I huge thank you for those who have their names down offering to play in a match or matches.

An apology because obviuosly due to restrictions on numbers required for matches, not everyone can be picked to play.

Could I remind you that if you are picked to play, particularly in away matches, I will assume you are prepared to be considered for selection at home matches. This is particularly the case with the Gogs and Newmarket.


The new scheme was well described at the AGM and is in the Draft AGM Minutes. You will have received an email from the Swindle Organiser, Trevor Reynolds, which we hope will help those on holiday who wish to play on their return.

New Shirts

New shirts have been ordered. Can I request that if you have ordered a shirt you pay for it this week sometime? Cash either to myself or Alan, £15 per shirt.

Course etiquette/rules

I have been asked to repeat the following: Do not walk ahead of those you are playing with and there must be NO gimmies.

Seniors should be aware of the introduction of new rules, particularly where to stand when a player is about to take a shot, or putt out. To stand in the wrong position could result in a 2 shot penalty.

I have kept this first report brief, thank goodness I hear you say.

I will attempt to be your Captain to the best of my ability, but I would hope you will have the courtesy to speak to me if I make a mistake, in addition to have a go at me in the Bar obviously.

Peter Hynes

Seniors Captain


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