Seniors Texas Scramble             


1.  Teams of FOUR have been drawn, each team menber MUST play a minimum of 4 tee shots.

     Teams of THREE each team member MUST play a minimum of 4 tees hots.

2.  £2 entery fee for each player, prize money for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place teams.

3.  Please see notice board for Texas Scramble rules.

4.  Individual Club handicap must be displayed on the score card.

5.  Each team will get 1/10th of their combined handicap.

     Teams of 3 willl get 1/6th of their combined handicaps


Draw for the 21st of March 2019

8:18   J. Thurston      H. Peterson      J. Stocker            B. Sullivan

8.27   M. Unwin         B.Needham      D. Green             R. Ashurst   

8:36    P. Stone         R. Shilton          B. Caine              P. Talbot  

8:45    H. Davis         T. Reynolds      E. Sharp              P. Glynn

8:54    R. Kilsby        P. Hynes           K. McCafferty      J. Brown

9:03    K. Unwin        A. Gove            O. Sellen             R. Robinson

9:12    K. Burrows    G. Bloomfield    M. Ahmed            R. Lawson

9:21    P. Baines       D. Morton         P. Williams           J. Morris

9:30    R. Butcher     R. Jones          P. Craske             P. Welch

9:39    T. Birks          B. Eastment     R. Stokes            P. littlefair





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