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The committee had been asked to look at the swindle times and request by members to start early.

After a full discussion the committee has agreed, that our regular swindle tee times (08:18 - 09:57) should remaiin unaltered and any members that choose to play outside those times would not be counted in the competition. It was noted that an increasing number of players were asking or arranging to always play early, which the committee said was contrary to the ethos of the senior's group.

Officially when swindle sheets are put on the board, it is open to any member to put their names down as they seem fit, but the committee feel strongly that they would want to encourage members to play at different times and with different playing partners.

A decision was made by the committee that for all drawn competitions i.e. monthly stablefords, scrambles, etc. will be subject to a completely random draw, but an individual can choice an early time before 09:00am or a later time after 09:00am.

Members are also approaching committee members on the course or prior to going out voicing their displeasure or ideas, but it was felt it would be fairer if these could be delayed until after play or dealt with by email to the Club Secretary.


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