Interclub Senior's 4BBB Knockout v Lakeside Lodge (Away)

Well we lost! Having selected a reasonably low handicap team last year, only to be faced with giving so many shots that it made the challenge too difficult, this year we decide to pick a team of mostly higher handicaps. That didn’t work either!!
The Captain & Pete Craske were truly trounced, Alan Forster & Tony Birks won (of course) and Olly Sellen & Russell Jones didn’t quite manage a win. Here’s to 2023! 
Friendly Match v Lakeside Lodge (A) 19 April 2022 
The first of our friendly fixtures took place at Pidley once again v Lakeside Lodge on Tuesday. It was a much closer affair than last year but we lost narrowly 31/2-21/2. 


MATCH RESULT: Lost 2 1/2 - 3 1/2


Game              Away Team                              Home Team            Result

   1                   Peter Glynn (Capt)                   Dave Lyon                Halved

                       John Hinchliffe                          Richeard Gale


   2                  Martin Johnston                        Tervor Oakman         Won 5-4

                       Vince Merola                             Mike Hawes


   3                  Mizan Ahmed                            Steve Yetton             Lost 4-5

                       Eddie Sharp                              Kevin Casbon


   4                  Howard Peteron                        Nigel Inman              Lost 3-4

                       Bob Lawson                              Neil Cook


   5                  Frank Dobbs                             Dave Ottley               Won 2-1

                       Tony Borks                               Joe Tuwai


   6                  Brian Eastment                         Steve Mayes             Lost 3-4 

                       Ollie Sellen                               Stu White







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