Weekly Scramble


Senior Swindle Handicap List

No handiap adjustment for winners as cards are being placed in the BRS computer each Tuesday and Thursday.


Results for the 21st May 2019 Texas Scramble

1st place Team    C.Guest / A.Mitchelson / P.Welch / B.Eastment    49 points

2nd place Team   C.Start / A.Shaw / T.Reynolds / B.Sullivan            46 points

3rd place Team    B.Kent / M. Unwin / J.Brown / R.Ashurst               45 points


Results for the 16th May 2019

1st place            A. Shaw                    40 points

2nd place           R. Shilton                  39 points

3rd place            R. Lawson                 37 points


Results for the 14th May 2019

1st place            K. McCafferty           35 points (on count back)

2nd place           B. Kent                     35 points

3rd place           H. Peterson               34 points


Results for the 10th May 2019

1st place            T. Reynolds              37 points

2nd place           G. Bloomfield           36 points (on count back)

3rd place            R. Shilton                 36 points


Results for the 7th May 2019

1st place            B. Runham               37 points (on count back)

2nd place          G. Bloomfield            37 points

3rd place           A. Forster                  36 points


Results for the 2nd May 2019

1st place          J. Thurston                 39 points

2nd place         P. Stone                     35 points

3rd place          P. Welch                    34 points  (on count back)







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