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Senior Swindle Handicap List (7th March)

B. Eastment   -2        P. Glynn   -4           P. Talbot   -3               M. Unwin   -3            J. Hinchliffe   -1      J. Brown   -1               K. McCafferty   -2     B. Runham   -2      G. Thompson   -1


Results for the 7th March

1st place       P. Talbot              35 points (on count back)

2nd place     M. Unwin             35 points (on couunt back)

3rd place      J. Hinchliffe         34 points


Results for the 5th March

1st place       K. McCafferty      40 points (on count back)

2nd place      B. Runham         40 points (on count back)

3rd place       E. Sharp             37 points (on count back)





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