Our new system on gathering the swindle cards and money is working very well. This is just a gentle reminder to not forget to put your 50 pences in for those four pointers as this money goes to the Captains charity.


Our Annual AGM is on the 12th of Feburary following the Texas Scamble. It would be nice to see as many members as possible as there are some important changes to be discussed and voted on.


In the Pro Shop there is a Senior Swindle Float container, which has £1 and 50 pence coins to help anyone who doesn't have the right change on the day.


Just a reminder that recently a few people are changing their tee time on the day of the swindle when they see an earlier time available. At times this is causing the group that they have left to be turned into a two ball. I know we can't stop this, but please think how you would feel. 



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